Friday, November 6, 2009

Brigham Young's charge to Karl G. Maeser

In the book 'Educating Zion' President Spencer W. Kimball gave a talk entitled 'Climbing the Hills Just Ahead'. In his instruction to educators about teaching with God's spirit he says .......'this would be in harmony with the spirit of Brigham Young's charge to Karl G. Maeser, so often quoted; "President [Young] looked steadily forward for a few minutes, as though in deep thought, then said; "Brother Maeser, I want you to remember that you ought not to teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God. That is all. God bless you. Good-bye."

In speaking specifically to Brigham Young University and it's educators Pres. Kimball goes on: "The uniqueness of Brigham Young University lies in it's special role --- education for eternity -- which it must carry in addition to the usual tasks of a university. This means concern -- curricular and behavioral -- not only for the 'whole man,' but also for the 'eternal man.'

That same mission, I believe, is for each of us and each of our children. Nothing is temporal in God's sight. Eternal truths are eternal; there is nothing of insignificance when it is a truth. But, there is a lot of 'busy work' (pages and pages of homework including non-truths) that would keep souls from spending their time learning truths if they were to let it.