Sunday, August 23, 2009

What we're doing this year....

What are we doing this year?  Well, we're getting prepared to move.  But, in the meantime we're meeting with a community co-op and participating in a wonderful group of homeschooling families.  We have several parents teaching courses this year; in math, science, writing, history, government and music.  We are so thankful for all who give of their time to mentor other students.  This is a great group of students and parents who are similar-minded in their quest for true education and learning from the best books.

All of us give of our time in one way or another. As we all work together in helping each other our resources are expanded.

We all do much at home as we seek to build self-starters and those with a quest for life-long learning.  Each child has different strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities, desires and learning styles.  The benefit of homeschooling and co-ops is the flexibility of the forum.  It's not a one-size-fits-all as is public education.

I recently talked to a teacher in a neighboring county whose district has had to cut teachers'.  Her class size is now to 38.  She says that it's mostly 'crowd control'.  She doesn't have the time nor ability to really teach as she'd like.  (Plus, may I add, the textbooks are watered down.  That's a blog for a different day.)  :)

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