Thursday, August 27, 2009

Problems Getting Immunization Waiver

Yesterday I had problems getting an immunization waiver form for my 13 yr. old son. He won a scholarship for two on-line computer classes for homeschoolers and was thrilled. (I couldn't afford them without this scholarship.)

AFTER he won we were sent a form stating that these classes were run-through a charter school so he'd be considered a 'part-time' student of that school. In order to do that we'd have to send them a copy of his birth certificate and immunization record. (Why would they need an immunization record for an on-line class?)

I decided to sign the optional 'waiver' form instead. (I'd done that in the past once when he was in public school.) Though he is actually 'up-to-date' on immunizations as required by scouting I didn't want to share this information with this charter school and those funding these classes.

I went to the school district office to sign the form. The receptionist (someone I knew) read over the form and said 'That's wierd. They've never done that before...and I've worked here for 20 years". She handed me the form which said that I must get the waiver from the Health Department.

So, I drove over to the health department. The receptionist there informed me that I would have to 'meet' with the nurse and pay $15.00 in order to do it. And....the nurse wasn't in. She was only in for a few hrs. per week.

In addition to doing that --- they would keep 2 of the 3 forms that I filled out.

Well, I don't know about the rest of you but, with all else that is going on, this is something more to be concerned about. Not for those of you who are burying your heads in the sand. But, for those of us who know and see what is coming down the pike. Truly our parental and privacy rights are being threatened and overruled.


Rick Carpenter said...

What I see coming - and this is only my opinion - is that home schooling and charter schooling takes funding away from public schools and socialized programs. Government considers this a threat because they cannot control independently educated children (or their parents) they way they can through public schools. The other problem I see - and this is my area of expertise - is that the forms you sign probably contain sensitive information, which can lead to identity theft. If not for you, it could be Andrew's identity. Child ID theft is on the rise because kids don't often know they have been victims until later in life. Good for you for being discrete about signing forms.

And yes, you are so right, that our parental rights are under attack by the great big 'socialist machine' that is trying to steamroll all of us.

Mach Momma said...

I did all of what you are now doing several years ago. Make copies of the form they give you so you have it. I have used the same waiver form for the origin school plus 3 others (they have taken the copy). Charter and public.

Simplify Heart and Home said...

Very true; from both of you!

Rick, you need to write a book! :)

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