Monday, June 8, 2009

Shakespeare and Esperanto

Our homeschooling group just finished Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. It was an incredible experience and the youth had a wonderful time rehearsing and working together.

One Mom directed, another organized a stage crew, other parents and students built the set, several mothers sewed beautiful and authentic and intricate costumes, one Mom taught about stage make-up, others researched and did hair, another made authentic mustaches for all the boys, and one took beautiful photos of each of the cast and made a huge and professional display at the front entrance, others were greeters and some helped back stage with all the prompts and props. I made posters and flyers and programs and supervised the concession sales.

We all pitched in and the whole thing was a great success.
Even my younger children felt needed as one presented juggling and yo-yo tricks before the play started and both helped tremendously in selling concessions. And, they both continue to quote their favorite lines from the play. Who'd have known how much these younger children would love Shakespeare?

Now, we're involved in an Esperanto class taught by one of the Father's (of 10). We meet bi-monthly to learn and practice this language - spoken by 8.3 million people in the Eastern part of the world. Esperanto was developed so that those speaking different languages could communicate in one easier one. It has similarities to Spanish and Italian -- and is easy and quick to learn.

These are some of the benefits and blessings of homeschooling. We have friends from all over our valley -- and the kids are able to mingle with like-minded and good kids who are striving for great educations and great opportunities and I am thankful for the good experiences and opportunities that we've had this year. When good people seek to make a positive difference -- the Lord increases their power and abilities. We know He's blessed us.