Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worst thing a mother can hear "I'm BORED"

A least favorite thing in my life is when my kids have been working, playing, studying, inventing, creating etc. all day and then they have a 5-min. lull. "I'm bored". I very strongly dislike that statement!

Mom's never have time to get bored. At least most of the ones that I know. Our list of things-to-do never has an end -- and we always have pending projects or chores.

My sister says that it's good that kids get bored -- because then they have to be creative and think of something to do.

I've often given them the list of possibilities; chores, books, crafts, service, sports etc. but that never seems to really help. Apparently they have to think of things on their own most of the time. So, I've learned to say 'oh, I'm sorry. I hope you'll find something to do'. And, then often add under my breath (for reinforcements' sake) 'Mothers never have time to be bored" (hopefully someday they'll catch the hint.)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christians Called to Mass Exodus from Public Schools

This came out today. It's definitely worth watching and pondering.
I've always loved and appreciated Dr. Moore. His comments here are worthy of extended consideration despite the traditions we've all lived with over our lifetimes.
Most of us are products of public schools. We think we turned out alright. But, things have changed over the past years and are not how we and our parents experienced them.

PLEASE take 5 minutes to educate yourselves a bit on what some of these great thinkers of our times are saying.