Monday, December 22, 2008

Cattle-call learning???

I'm a firm believer that kids will learn when they are ready to learn and if they are exposed to opportunities to learn.

As adults, we're the same! We usually learn things because:
We want to learn them
We are excited about something
We have a desire to increase our understanding or knowledge
We feel like it
We're motivated to do so etc.

I believe that children are the same. But, if 'forced' or 'coerced' to learn at a pace specified by some remote group of so-called 'experts' --- it seems to take the desire or excitement out of it. We're not cattle, afterall. We all learn to sit up, crawl, walk etc, at different stages. The same is with reading, math, science, music and all subjects. Some are passionate about a particular subject earlier than others. And...all have different talents, interests and God-given gifts. We do them a disservice when we place them into the same mold as everyone else. Life's purpose is not ONLY for getting a job! It's for becoming a good person, citizen, friend, neighbor, worker etc. and in contributing something worthwhile to others on this planet. If we allow that opportunity then each individual can contribute a God-given gift -- not just a regurgitated message that someone else has produced.

If the true purpose of education is to become like God (which I believe it is) -- then all the things that we do should be towards that end. And, I believe that the Spirit will guide us into making those choices which are best for each individual child. And not just what the Jones' are doing.

Joseph Smith said that "not all truth is of equal value". Are we spending our time on the things that are most truthful and matter most or are we the 'fast food' educational generation. Eating much of little value -- and never being nourished or satisfied?

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Celestial Charms said...

As I'm reading your post my head continues to bob up and down as a sign of total agreement. I always have been amazed at the "kippers in a tin" approach to schooling. Just bunch those same aged children together and preso...they are supposed to learn. There is no appreciation for individuality, creativity, or the feeding of one's soul. Just sit down, keep quiet, and learn. I spent so many hours at school simply looking out the window in an attempt to hold on to my own thoughts. I felt as if I were in a prison, without a soul. Now, I sit at home with my 7 year girl and 5 year old boy looking out our window. The window of learning, opportunity, and creativity that we have created in our homeschool. Thanks for posting all your thoughts!