Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Homeschool?

I've heard all the negative comments about homeschooling. So, why would anyone want to do it?

Well, for starters, there are millions of families across the country who are choosing something different than the status quo. Many families have found that their Christian principals are not allowed in the public school classrooms and are opting for alternatives that better meet their childrens' growing needs.

Do a google search on 'homeschooling' and you'll find hundreds and thousands of voices who support this wonderful option. Many are strong Christians who want more influence in their childrens lives. They want to raise their own children, not have the state do it for them.

I know that there are good teachers who love the students and who make a difference in their lives. I also know that every year there are more and more regulations and the teachers have less and less influence and opportunity to do what they do best and what they were trained to do. We all know of the challenges that face teachers with large class sizes and limited resources. We also know of growing problems in the classrooms and watered-down textbooks coming from liberal federal regulators. There are exceptions but, for the most part, they are exceptions.

Research has shown that in a 6 hr. day kids' get about 20 minutes of real instruction! That is an appauling stastic. The rest of the time is spent in busy work, discipline, class changes, recess, bussing, lunch etc.

I am pro-education. The Lord would have us learn as much as we can and yet, not all truths are of equal value. Where better to learn than in a safe environment where personal talents and abilities are treated and expressed, where scripture study is part of the science and math curriculum and discussion, and where home and family are blessed and relationships strengthened?

Despite the fact that most people use public education -- I have chosen a different path. It's not the 'popular' one -- but, then, not all good things are. No, of course we don't want to be seen as 'weirdos' and yes, of course I want my children to be happy and contributing members of society. It's challenging to homeschool but it's also a blessing. The sacrifice is worth it and the blessings are enduring.

The argument is often 'but don't you worry about socialization?" The answer is 'yes'! That is another good reason to homeschool. Kids in school learn their social skills from others' their age who also have no social skills. There is more disrespect and less ability to discipline than ever before. Where will kids' learn proper behavior if they don't learn it from adults or older, more respectful students?

Perhaps your students are doing great in public school, love it, love their teachers and their classes. Or, maybe you are one of those who feels that they should 'endure' the bad parts so that they will learn to deal with the 'real world' someday. I wonder about that logic. Does enduring pain and misery in a negative situation help kids learn more and enjoy learning? Does it instill a desire for life-long learning or could it, perhaps, be causing lasting harm -emotionally and educationally -that will be difficult to overcome?

I'm not saying that trials and challenges aren't good. They are. Kids' grow amidst opposition and challenge. It's just the quest of 'which types of challenges do we want them to face and experience?"

This site is a resource of homeschooling websites, bloggers, curriculum and resources for any seeking more information. You may never ever consider it -- but, hopefully may come to understand why some of us have chosen this option at some time in our children's education.


Bonnie said...

"Homeschooling" has greatly blessed our lives and the lives of our children. It is hard work for all of us, but it is worth it! For when there is "no pain, there is no gain".

mormonmommy said...

I have a 4 year old and a 10week old and I really want to get into homeschooling, the schools in our area of Florida are terrible. I am just getting involved with the relief society in our church but I was wondering if you had any good websites or places where i could order christian based materials and hints on how to get a good situation started? Thank you and God Bless

Heidi A. said...

Good for you! Bless you for your willingness to do something better!

Yes, There are many helps available. I would say - don't over-purchase things just to have them. The best books I've had have been referrals from others.

Go to my site

There, I've put my favorite books and information.
For your stage I would recommend the book 'Better Late than Early'. It gave me great insights into what to do early on.

At this stage your children just need love and nurturing and normal daily routines. They are learning MUCH right now just by play and observation.

God Bless you too!
I would be happy to be of any help that I can!!! Good for you!

Melissa said...

I admit, as time goes forward, and as my son starts having more and more problems in school because he "doesn't fit in the box" so to speak, homeschooling becomes more and more appealing to me. I have had friends whose mom's did homeschooling "the right way" meaning that their children were bright and benefited from homeschooling, and I have had friends whose mom's didn't do it that way and ended up worse off and behind. I guess that is my biggest fear. Would I be disciplined enough to be the mom whose children benefit from it? Still, your blog is encouraging to me, and I enjoy reading it. :) Thanks.