Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homeschooling Daily Plan and Einstein Quote

Over the years of homeschooling we've used various daily plans. When the kids were younger we weren't as 'structured' as we are now. We always started with scriptures and prayer but there was more time for them to invent, create, read etc. at their own pace and as they desired. Einstein said "Play is the highest form of research". I love that and felt it was true. Children are like sponges and, when availed, soak-up all the wonderful things around them. A sit-down desk does not really provide that freedom.

We have a more-structured schedule right now. It works well for our current situation and the kids older ages.
We start with daily devotional and scripture study. (It's been very rewarding to mark and discuss scriptural passages together. We've had some powerful and touching discussions, questions asked and answered, and time is not a restraining issue.)

Then, we have sit-down time to do our daily studies which, this year, include:
U.S. History
Vocabulary and Spelling (which we take from the literature guide we are using)

On their own the kids do music, art, P.E., and computers. They also read great literature (we have a monthly homeschool book group that coincides with our study of U.S. History).
We also have a weekly library day and the kids spend a lot of time reading snuggled-up on the couch.
For music we usually have hymns or classical music playing in the background. This really sets a tone for the home and helps establish the peace that we seek. Life is not always peaceful -- but, wholesome music makes a tremendous and real difference.

I LOVE homeschooling. I love the blessing that I have to do so. I wish that more people would do it. There are so many blessings that come from it!

I also know about all the controversy about it and comments from the naysayers! Most of that comes from those who really don't know much about homeschooling and haven't read much about brain development, learning and education, social development, homeschooling benefits and options etc. It really is a valid and wonderful option for those who desire a safe learning environment for their families. There will be plenty of time in the future for the problems of the 'real world' as some like to call it. But, why place vulnerable children in that place before they are ready? These are precious souls -- entrusted to our care --- and so many leave their rearing to others.

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